Why You Should Sell Your Home on Your Own

The internet has brought big changes to many industries, real estate included.  Not that long ago is a property owner wanted to sell their property they had no choice but to work with a realtor, not anymore.  Now a property owner has the options of selling their home themselves and connecting with buyers using the internet and various listing sites.  There are a number of reasons why you should sell your home on your own rather than using an agent, here are a few of them.

No Commissions

Agents are paid a commission on the final selling price of the home and that commission is anywhere from 3-6%  and that can add up to a substantial amount of money at the end of the transaction.  If you sell without an agent, that money stays with you.


Marketing your property is easier than ever.  You can take some pictures and upload them to property listing sites.  You can use video and illustrate the best features of your property and you can do it all for little or no costs.

Showing the Property

Nobody knows your house as well as you do, you are more than capable of highlighting your homes best features to anyone who wants a showing.  An agent may not know your house or the neighborhood as well as you do.  You can show it at your convenience; you can book viewing when it is quiet and take the time to answer questions a buyer may have.  You can explain where the schools are, the perks of the neighborhood and the things you enjoyed about living there.

Sell Your Property Faster

You have only one house to sell, your own, an agent may have half a dozen listings or more at any given time.  Add to that agents are regular people who have family emergencies and go on vacation.  When you are selling your home yourself you can make your home your biggest priority.  You can answer offers directly rather than waiting to get in touch with the client.


Eliminating the middle man always makes negotiating quicker and easier.  You are the sole decision maker about whether you want to accept an offer or not.

With sites like Zillow and Trulia it is far easier to list and sell your house yourself.  These sites also offer a host of tools that can help you with everything from setting the price to taking good pictures.  There is a fair amount of work involved in selling your home, but the money you keep at the end of the transaction make it well worth it.