The Best Time to List Your Home

The Best Time to List Your Home

There are a million different factors that can determine the final selling price of your home.  Everything from the way it was staged, the market, the condition of your house and even the time of year.  One questions that many real estate professionals get asked is when is the best time to list your home?  Most will tell you that the majority of homes are sold in the springtime.  But that doesn’t really paint a complete picture either.  Selling in the spring won’t guarantee you top dollar, there is a lot more competition in the housing market as well.  Let’s look at the best time to sell your house for your circumstances.


No matter the time of year you need a solid pricing strategy in place.  You need to understand the local real estate market, while spring has more buyers there are also more sellers.  That means other factors will come into play like the neighborhood you live in, financial issues like interest rates and taxes.  Some markets are extremely competitive regardless of the time of year and other markets having a housing shortage.  Seasonal selling has become lets important and more people are buying year round.  Here are some tips on pricing your home.

The Reason You’re Selling

Do you have to move or do you want to move?  Are you or your spouse being relocated because of your careers?  Are you looking to move into something bigger or smaller?  You need to understand the reason your selling and take your cues from that.  If you want to upgrade or downgrade then you can probably wait until spring when there are more buyers in the market.  If you need to move because of job relocation or financial issues then you probably need to sell your house quickly and you have to list regardless of the time of year.  You can still get a good asking price; the marketing strategies may have to differ in order to sell.

Did You Find Another House?

If you have an offer in on another home then the pressure to sell your existing home is that much more. Once again your marketing strategy will be more important to the sale than the time of year.

Selling your home for top dollar can be done at any time of year don’t spend too much time worrying about the when and instead focus more on the factors that will bring the best price.  Do your homework and plan for the market that you have to work with.